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On 16 Jul 2005 18:28:33 -0700, macaronikazoo <macaronikazoo at> wrote:
> well I want a script to upload something automatically, so i need a
> python script to do that for me.

Well, you need /something/. If you are on a Unix machine, you'd be better
off with a cron job.

> my hoster has ssl enabled on their
> server and I have generated a key.  but now I need to know how to
> upload something using ssl to the server.  how to I ftp something to
> the server using ssl?

Are you sure your hoster doesn't provide ssh access to his machines? If he
does, there is a wealth of protocols and tools for secure file transfer:
scp, sftp, tar-over-ssh, cpio-over-ssh, rsync-over-ssh, ... 

With some loss of security, you may even be able to avoid handling


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