[path-PEP] Path inherits from basestring again

phil hunt zen19725 at zen.co.uk
Sun Jul 31 11:18:25 CEST 2005

On Sun, 31 Jul 2005 09:48:45 +0200, Reinhold Birkenfeld <reinhold-birkenfeld-nospam at wolke7.net> wrote:
>> An improvement to what? To how the class is implemented, or to how 
>> it is used?
>No, the second function is cleaner and more readable than the first,

True, but the first function, at all of seven lines, is hardly 
complicated. I mean, if anyone couldn't understand it, they'd never 
make a programmer.

>> If you mean the former, yes is it, due to the os.path module not 
>> providing a function that does this. 
>> If you mean the latter, I disagree, because I would then have to 
>> call it with something like:
>>    pn = normalizePath(Path(p), q)
>That's easily helped by s/tp = p/tp = Path(p)/.

I have no idea what that comment means.

>> and then I would have the problem that (pn) isn't a string so 
>> calling a function to write some data into the file at that filename 
>> would no longer work, i.e. this:
>>    writeFile(pn, someData)
>> would become this:
>>    writeFile(pn.getString(), someData)
>Why? A Path is a string.

Aha, having read about path on the web, I know that now.

I also withdraw my objections; it looks like it could well have been 
useful on some of the projects I've worked on.

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