Generating images with text in them

John Abel jabel at
Thu Jul 21 12:42:09 CEST 2005

Have you downloaded the from


phil hunt wrote:

>I am trying to generate some images (gifs or pngs) with text in 
>them. I can use the Python Imaging Library, but it only has access 
>to the default, rather crappy, font. 
>Ideally I'd like to use one of the nicer fonts that come with my X 
>Windows installation. Using Tkinter I can draw these fonts on the 
>screen; is there any way to get these fonts into a bitmapped image?
>For example, can I draw some text on a canvas and then "grab" that 
>canvas as a bitmap into PIL, and then save it as a file?
>Alternately, is there a good source of PIL font files (.pil files)
>If the writers of the Python Imaging Library are reading this, may I 
>suggest that they add more fonts to it. Yes, that would increase 
>the size, but these days disk space is cheap and programmer time

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