Python exception hook simple example needed

Thomas Guettler guettli at
Tue Jul 5 16:23:00 CEST 2005

Am Tue, 05 Jul 2005 16:07:44 +0200 schrieb fowlertrainer at

> Hi !
> I wrote some mails to wxPy, and this list about "wxPython and global 
> exception handling" theme.
> I need to port my Delphi apps to wxPy, and I want to use same exception 
> mechanism like Delphi use.
> When any exception get unhandled, the app's main cycle get it, and show 
> in a dialog (and I can catch it, and I can write it to a log file with 
> many developer information).


maybe a look at the "cgitb" module helps you. It uses an exception handler
to create a HTML page if an uncaught exception is raised.


Thomas Güttler,

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