website catcher

jwaixs jwaixs at
Sun Jul 3 15:08:52 CEST 2005

If I should put the parsedwebsites in, for example, a tablehash it will
be at least 5 times faster than just putting it in a file that needs to
be stored on a slow harddrive. Memory is a lot faster than harddisk
space. And if there would be a lot of people asking for a page all of
them have to open that file. if that are 10 requests in 5 minutes
there's no real worry. If they are more that 10 request per second you
really have a big problem and the framework would probably crash or
will run uber slow. That's why I want to open the file only one time
and keep it saved in the memory of the server where it don't need to be
opened each time some is asking for it.

Noud Aldenhoven

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