Python scripts wont run - HELP

windozbloz nethawg1 at
Mon Jul 18 19:13:48 EDT 2005

Nick Vargish wrote:

> windozbloz <nethawg1 at> writes:
>> It now works from the command line like you said.  Shouldn't I also be
>> able to 'click' an icon that has been set to executable and launch the
>> whole process that way?
> You'll need to put an interpreter line at the beginning of your
> script, as other posters have indicated. This tells the shell how to
> handle the file.
> When you double-click a program icon in your file browser, the browser
> starts a shell process which is handed the file's name for
> execution.
> #!/usr/bin/python
> Says, "This file is  interpreted by /usr/bin/python". The idiom you
> will often see:
> #!/usr/bin/env python
> Says, "Find 'python' in this user's environment, and give this file to
> that program for interpretation". That allows you to use a different
> python interpreter (say, /usr/local/bin/python if that comes first on
> your PATH environment variable), and allows the script to be more
> friendly for systems that do not have a /usr/bin/python.
> Depending on the GUI, you may not see a terminal window open for the
> script's execution, or the terminal might close as soon as the script
> exits, which will prevent you from looking at any output. Unless the
> program has a GUI, running it from the command-line is usually better
> than double-clicking it in a file browser.
> Nick
Thats good info Nick, Thanks.  I'm going to go try the two methods now.

LINUX protects me from the GATES of hell !!!

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