calling python procedures from tcl using tclpython

Michael Schlenker schlenk at
Thu Jul 7 15:07:56 CEST 2005

chand wrote:
> Hi..
> I am writing a Gui in TCL and my backend code is python. I want to call
> python procedure in tcl using tclpyhton. I want to know clearly how
> this should be implemented.
> let's say I have procedure test_function(arg1,arg2 ...) defined in
> I want to call this procedure in tcl. Let me know how this should be
> achieved.
> The doubt basically have is how the tcl code knows in which .py file
> this procedure is defined.
> currently I have wriiten this tcl code which is not working
> package require tclpython
> set interpreter [python::interp new]
> $interpreter eval {def test_function(): arg1,arg2} ;
> python::interp delete $interpreter
What does not work? You never load your file anywhere inside,
you just evaluate 'def test_function(): arg1,arg2' so what are you
expecting to happen?

Your call to '$interpreter eval' lets you call arbitrary python code,
but you have to provide the python code that loads your function
definitions etc. I don't know python, but it should be a trivial code.


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