Thoughts on Guido's ITC audio interview

George Sakkis gsakkis at
Fri Jul 8 03:11:30 CEST 2005

"Tony Meyer" <t-meyer at> wrote:

> > Your first sentence contradicts the rest of your post; how is
> > Java the problem if it runs nice on a Mac and is sluggish on
> > Windows ?
> Because any Java program on (any version of) Windows (in my experience) is
> sluggish, and this is not true (again, in my experience) for Java programs
> on a Mac.
> There is a vast difference between the various JREs; whereas every platform
> I've used a cPython interpreter on has given reasonably constant performance
> (which is to be expected, with a C implementation).

"Java" as a term means different things to different people, but I
expect most would think of the core language and its standard library
first and the JRE/JVM second. So saying "the problem of X is Java" when
you really mean "the problem of X in platform Y is Sun's JVM in Y" is
kinda misleading.

Disclaimer: I am neither Java's not Eclipse's advocate; I'll choose
python over Java any day, but let's put the blame where it is due.


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