PostgreSQL & Python vs PHP

Ivan Voras ivoras at something.ortheother
Sun Jul 24 03:04:11 CEST 2005

Luis P. Mendes wrote:

> I need to build it from the server and also client side.
> For the client side I'll be using Python.
> But for the server side, I would like to hear some opinions.  Is it worth
> learning Php? 

If you know Python and don't know PHP, there's little benefit from 
spending the time learning it.

But, PHP is extremely simple to work with and you can produce results 
VERY quickly. Part of the reason is that it's already intended to be a 
web-embedded language and doesn't reqire additonal frameworks, libraries 
or configuration like Python does. One thing that botheres me when using 
Python in php-like way is that the "indentation is significant" property 
becomes a nuisance when you intertwine HTML and code (which you 
shouldn't be doing anyway ;) ).

The benefit of Python is that is a much cleaner language with well 
defined interfaces and you'll probably maintain a large application 
easier if it's in Python.

There are no significant performance differences, and no really 
significant differences in programming approach.

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