PyGTK or wxPython (not a flame war) on Windows

Lonnie Princehouse finite.automaton at
Mon Jul 25 21:30:21 CEST 2005

I haven't used PyGTK very much, so I can't comment on it.  My last
impression of GTK-on-Windows was that it wasn't very stable and didn't
blend well with the Windows native look and feel, but that was a while
ago and it has probably improved a great deal since then.

I use wxPython, doing my development on Linux while most of the users
are on Windows.  The documentation for wxPython is lame (as you pointed
out, it requires a lot of translation from C++), however the wxPython
demo app is WONDERFUL.  It has great usage examples for all of the
widgets, along with source code.  PyGTK has a similar demo app (which
appears to be an exact Python port of gtk-demo).  wxPython does seem to
have a richer widget set.

One of the annoyances with wxPython is that there are many lingering
traces of C++, for example the need to have ID numbers all over the
place, and the ALL_CAPS_NAMES_FOR_CONSTANTS.  Version 2.5 introduced
some good pythonic syntax improvements, so make sure you get a recent
version, and also make sure that whatever code examples you're learning
from use the new syntax for event binding, etc.

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