f*cking re module

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Mon Jul 4 12:03:09 CEST 2005

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> arg... I've lost 1.5 hours of my precious time to try letting re work
> correcty. There's really not a single good re tutorial or documentation
> I could found! There are only reference, and if you don't know how a
> module work you won't learn it from a reference!

PowerGrep is a commercial Windows tool. However, it comes
with a manual that has a 45 page tutorial on regular expressions.
www.powergrep.com/manual/PowerGREP.pdf  tutorial: pages 109-156
There is also a new Wrox book besides the O'Reilly/Friedl Owl book.

also regex2.php, and regex3.php

Only the delimiters have been changed to protect the innocent,

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