__autoinit__ (Was: Proposal: reducing self.x=x; self.y=y; self.z=z boilerplate code)

Terry Reedy tjreedy at udel.edu
Mon Jul 11 07:44:07 CEST 2005

"Bengt Richter" <bokr at oz.net> wrote in message 
news:42d1d71e.340825300 at news.oz.net...
> Me too. I liked the leading _, but on second thought it is a weird 
> language change
> re names in a special context. Probably not so good.

To repeat: while my '_' proposal could have been for a language change (in 
3.0), it was actually for a convention recognized by a metaclass or, more 
likely, decorator (and implementable now, I think).  *Any* flag would serve 
the purpose, but I picked one that was a single char while being visually 
striking and, as far as I know, rarely used in current practice even though 
quite legal.  A 'self_' prefix would do as well except for being more to 
type.  The prefix could even be an argument to the decorator!

Terry J. Reedy

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