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Robert Kern rkern at
Tue Jul 12 22:30:14 CEST 2005

tuxlover wrote:
> Hello everyone
> I have to write a verilog parser in python for a class project. I was
> wondering if all you folks could advise me on choosing the right python
> parser module. I am not comfortable with lex/yacc and as a result find
> myself strugging with any module which use lex/yacc syntax/philosophy.
> pyparser looks good to me, but before I dive into it, I would really
> appreciate feedback from members of this group

A Verilog parser has been written using pyparsing at least once before, 
so I imagine that it shouldn't be too difficult to do so again. Of 
course, if you just need *a* Verilog parser, not necessarily one written 
by you, you could just email the guy who wrote it and ask him for a 
copy. Grep

for "Verilog".

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