map vs. list-comprehension

Roy Smith roy at
Fri Jul 1 03:31:37 CEST 2005

Terry Hancock <hancock at> wrote:
> One of the strengths of Python has been that the language itself is 
> small (which it shares with C and (if I understand correctly, not being 
> a lisp programmer?) Lisp), but with all the syntax enhancements going 
> on, Python is getting pretty complicated. I have to wonder if new users 
> won't begin to find it just as intimidating as Perl or other big 
> languages.


Even some of the relatively recent library enhancements have been kind of 
complicated.  The logging module, for example, seems way over the top.

Look at what happened to C when it mutated into C++.  In isolation, most of 
the features of C++ seem like good ideas.  Taken together, it's a huge 
hairy mess that most people only understand increasingly larger subsets of.  
Fred Brooks called it the second system syndrome.

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