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François Pinard pinard at
Mon Jul 11 00:00:55 CEST 2005

[Robert Kern]
> François Pinard wrote:
> > [Florian Diesch]

> >> Mascyma is (trying to be) a user-friendly graphical frontend for
> >> the Computer Algebra System GNU MAXIMA.  It is written in Python
> >> and provides two GUIs, one of which based on PyGTK, the other based
> >> on wxPython.

> > I was not successful googling for this one.  Would you have an URL handy?

> Note the deliberate spelling, and cut-and-paste.

Thanks.  The `Mascyma' versus `Macsyma' subtlety escaped my scrutiny :-).


Their CVS server (the only download choice) is not responding.  So I'll
forget "Mascyma" for now.  Maxima does work, that's a lot already! :-) I
perused what I could find about Python on algebra or symbolic calculus,
and nothing I saw, so far, stands even a pale comparison with Maxima.

François Pinard

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