Windows Cmd.exe Window

brian at brian at
Fri Jul 8 00:47:54 CEST 2005

> In the past I have created .bat wrapper files that just call the python
> interpreter, but it is a bit tedious to have to create a matching .bat
> file for every script.  So I came up with the following approach...

I frequently use a batch file wrapper.  Typically it has a long
friendly name for others in my (non-IT) department, and calls the
actual python script in a subfolder, often with arguments.  The last
line of the batch file is usually a pause command.

As an alternative, I have a couple of main procedures wrap a try/except
around the entire script, and if an error occurs, then logs the details
before quitting.  I suppose you could also print the error, and add a
call raw_input() so its visible before the window closes.

Hope that helps,

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