Thoughts on Guido's ITC audio interview

Tony Meyer t-meyer at
Fri Jul 8 02:19:07 CEST 2005

> Your first sentence contradicts the rest of your post; how is 
> Java the problem if it runs nice on a Mac and is sluggish on 
> Windows ?

Because any Java program on (any version of) Windows (in my experience) is
sluggish, and this is not true (again, in my experience) for Java programs
on a Mac.

There is a vast difference between the various JREs; whereas every platform
I've used a cPython interpreter on has given reasonably constant performance
(which is to be expected, with a C implementation).

> At best this may say something about the difference 
> in perfomance between the two JREs (assuming that most 
> Windows and Mac users of Eclipse have similar experience with yours).

Which was my point.  From what I've seen of this thread, people aren't
saying which platform they are using Eclipse on - I have a suspicion that
the JRE that people are using significantly effects the resulting opinion of


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