PyGTK or wxPython (not a flame war) on Windows

Fuzzyman fuzzyman at
Fri Jul 22 10:56:44 CEST 2005

TPJ wrote:
> GUI's etc: PyGtk on Windows
> "(...) So if someone develops mainly for X and just wants to make sure
> that it is not impossible to run on Windows, you can use PyGTK. (...)",
> July 2nd, 1999
> pyGTK on Windows
> "(...)
> > can i use pyGTK under
> > Windows???
> It's probably doable (...) but not worthy in my oppinion (...). A much
> better choice is wxPython (...)"
> "(...)even if it is made to work under windows, pygtk would not have a
> windows look and feel.  wxPython is probably your best bet (...)"
> pygtk vs. wxPython
> 4. "(...) If you want cross-platform capabilities (...) then go
> wxWindows." May 17 2002
> 7. "(...) The pygtk (and gtk port in general) does not yet support
> threading on windows. (...) GTK 2.0 is supposed to fix it but support
> isn't available *yet*. (...)" May 17 2002
> PyGTK vs. wxPython
> 7. "(...) wxPython would indeed be a better choice if your applications
> are only to run on a certain infamous legacy operating system from the
> Pacific Northwest.  The PyGTK is a better choice if you are writing for
> Linux and want your application to also be able to run on windows.
> (...)" Apr 25
> 11. "(...) I'm using wxPython because GTK for windows wasn't ready
> three years ago when I initially had to write my first Windows
> application.  If I evaluated both of them again today, I might choose
> GTK, and I might not." Apr 27
> In the nearest future I will have to decide what to use: PyGTK or
> wxPython. I like those both APIs. wxPython has more widgets, but PyGTK
> seems to be faster. I can use them both for free (it's very important).
> My only concern is that although I'm doing development on Linux, I'd
> like to make my application runnable on Windows as well (Py2Exe). I'd
> like to choose PyGTK (because of its rich documentation), but I'm not
> sure if PyGTK is stable on Windows... For now I know that wxPython runs
> well on Windows.
> For now I haven't experienced any problems with wxPython on Linux
> (Slackware, Aurox /Polish RH-like distro/). I used wxPython on Linux,
> but I stopped because of its poor documentation (mainly C++ docs, not
> Python docs). But recently I noticed this documentation got better
> (*much* better!).
> How well does PyGTK run on Windows (98, 2K, XP)? How stable is it? Will
> I be able to make an executable (using Py2Exe) of an application that
> uses PyGTK?

I use wxPython through Wax - Wax makes it nice and easy. Note that
wxPython doesn't have a completely native look and feel on Windoze, but
it's pretty good.

I've never programmed with pygtk - *but* I did play with Gajim (?) a
Jabber client written with pygtk. The look and feel isn't native
eaither - but it's very classy. It made me want to learn GTK ! I'll
probably stick with Wax though. Gajim ahs a version bundled with py2exe
- which definitley works. The only slight downer is that the user has
to install the GTK+ runtime. (The wealth of chociues makes this
*slightly* confusing for the complete noob).

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