Newbie Alert! Upgrading Python?

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at
Sun Jul 10 14:05:17 CEST 2005

* El (2005-07-10 11:56 +0100)
> Sorry to bother you folks with a real newbie question, but I am sure that 
> this is the place for me to ask.
> Python 1.5.1 (final) and Python Win32 Extensions are installed on my 4 year 
> old computer.  My computer has always been upgraded to include the latest 
> programs and Windows updates.
> However, I have NEVER upgraded Python?

Is that a question?

> Therefore, my questions:
> 1.  Should I upgrade to the new Python 2.4.1 (Final)?

No, why?
> 2.  If so, should I uninstall the old version first and reboot, or can I 
> just install the new version over the old version?

> 3.  Are the Win32 extensions included in the final version, or are the 
> extensions a separate download?

No, yes.
> I do not use Python, but I am assuming that something on my computer must. 
> LOL.

If you don't use it: uninstall Python. If something else uses it: keep
it as it is as your app might break with the new Python - even though
2.4 is backwards compatible.

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