Tkinter Button widget

Peter Otten __peter__ at
Thu Jul 14 15:10:07 EDT 2005

Shankar Iyer (siyer at Princeton.EDU) wrote:

>      I have another Tkinter-related question.  At the beginning of my
>      program, a tkinter window is created with six buttons.  Each of these
>      buttons is assigned a function that should be executed only when the
>      button is pressed.  However, it seems that these functions are all
>      executed once when the button widgets are first created.  Why is this
>      the case and how do I prevent this from happening?

Change your source code from 

# wrong
button = Tkinter.Button(..., command=some_function(),...)


# correct
button = Tkinter.Button(..., command=some_function,...)

to pass the *function* to the widget instead of the *result* of a function
call. And, next time, remember to post some code alongside with your


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