Weekly Python Patch/Bug Summary

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at shore.net
Fri Jul 29 06:47:31 CEST 2005

Patch / Bug Summary

Patches :  357 open ( +7) /  2885 closed ( +3) /  3242 total (+10)
Bugs    :  898 open ( +9) /  5144 closed ( +3) /  6042 total (+12)
RFE     :  191 open ( +2) /   178 closed ( +0) /   369 total ( +2)

New / Reopened Patches

shutil.copytree() quits too soon after an error.  (2005-07-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1242454  opened by  Dale Wilson

bltinmodule.c whitespace normalization  (2005-07-21)
       http://python.org/sf/1242579  opened by  Ruslan Spivak

repair typos  (2005-07-22)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1243081  opened by  George Yoshida

Faster output if message already has a boundary  (2005-07-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1243654  opened by  L. Peter Deutsch

httplib gzip support  (2005-07-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1243678  opened by  Moonz

Big speedup in email message parsing  (2005-07-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1243730  opened by  L. Peter Deutsch

Patch for (Doc) #1243553  (2005-07-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1243910  opened by  Peter van Kampen

expat binding for XML_ParserReset (Bug #1208730)  (2005-07-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1244208  opened by  John Eikenberry

Enable os.startfile and webbrowser.WindowsDefault on Cygwin  (2005-07-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1244861  opened by  Michael Hoffman

hide tests from TestProgram  (2005-07-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1244929  opened by  Eric Huss

Encoding alias "unicode-1-1-utf-7"  (2005-07-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1245379  opened by  Oren Tirosh

weaklist  (2001-11-30)
       http://python.org/sf/487738  reopened by  fdrake

Patches Closed

optparse documentation bug fixes  (2005-05-18)
       http://python.org/sf/1204347  closed by  gward

repair typos  (2005-07-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1243081  closed by  birkenfeld

fileinput.py fixed clobbering behavior and added encodings  (2004-10-15)
       http://python.org/sf/1048075  closed by  cconnett

Allow use of embedded Tcl without requiring Tk  (2004-01-02)
       http://python.org/sf/869468  closed by  gvanrossum

New / Reopened Bugs

list(obj) can swallow KeyboardInterrupt  (2005-07-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1242657  opened by  Steve Alexander

Incorrect documentation of re.UNICODE  (2005-07-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1243192  opened by  nhaldimann

Misuse of "it's"    (2005-07-22)
CLOSED http://python.org/sf/1243288  opened by  Joanne Bogart

pydoc on cgi.escape lacks info that are in www docs  (2005-07-23)
       http://python.org/sf/1243553  opened by  Nikos Kouremenos

Python function/method/constant names as HTML-tag IDs  (2005-07-24)
       http://python.org/sf/1243945  opened by  Chad Miller

2.4.1 build fails on OpenBSD 3.7  (2005-07-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1244610  opened by  L. Peter Deutsch

logging module needs to that it changed in 2.4  (2005-07-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1244683  opened by  Alan

Segfault in Python interpreter 2.3.5  (2005-07-25)
       http://python.org/sf/1244864  opened by  Evil Mr Henry

Time module is missing inverse of gmtime()  (2005-07-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1245224  opened by  Jeremy Fincher

log() on a big number fails on powerpc64  (2005-07-26)
       http://python.org/sf/1245381  opened by  Jiri Dluhos

Segmentation fault when importing expat from xml.parser  (2005-07-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1246405  opened by  Jean-Pierre

line numbers off by 1  (2005-07-27)
       http://python.org/sf/1246473  opened by  Brett Cannon

failure to build RPM on rhel 3  (2005-07-28)
       http://python.org/sf/1246900  opened by  Patrick Wagstrom

Bugs Closed

Misuse of "it's"    (2005-07-22)
       http://python.org/sf/1243288  closed by  birkenfeld

ioctl has problem with -ive request codes  (2005-07-01)
       http://python.org/sf/1231069  closed by  mwh

ioctl has problems on 64 bit machines  (2005-01-31)
       http://python.org/sf/1112949  closed by  birkenfeld

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