Stupid question: Making scripts python-scripts

Jan Danielsson jan.danielsson at
Thu Jul 21 16:34:30 CEST 2005

Hello all,

   How do I make a python script actually a _python_ in unix:ish

I know about adding:
#!/bin/sh the first row in a shell script, but when I installed python on
a NetBSD system, I didn't get a "python" executable; only a "python2.4"

   Adding "#!/usr/pkg/bin/python2.4" as the first row in the script
would probably work, but that would be too specific for the system I'm
using, imho.

   I saw someone using "#!/usr/bin/env python", but that failed on the
system I'm using, so I assume that's something specific too (or is the
installation broken?).

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