Regarding Webbrowser Module in Python

M Kamran Azam mkamranazam at
Sat Jul 23 17:14:09 CEST 2005

Hi all,

My query goes like this.

I have two htm files.One is media_try_home.htm and the second one is 
media_try.htm.I am attaching these files to my mail so that you guys can 
understand the problem.

Now, first simply open the media_try_home.htm and press "PLAY THE FILE" 
button.A video clip is opened.(Both the files should be in the same 

Using webbrowser,  I can first open the first file like this:


But I want to play the second file directly using webbrowser but that 
doesn't work when I use the following :


If I simply paste this link in the browser, then it works direclty, 
bypassing the first file.

May be it's due to the fact that "file:///" is an ftp?Any ideas or clues 
what can  I do to play the second file directly?

Thanks in anticipation,


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