[path-PEP] Path inherits from basestring again

Mike Meyer mwm at mired.org
Sat Jul 23 20:01:47 CEST 2005

Peter Hansen <peter at engcorp.com> writes:

>> * staticmethod Path.getcwd() -> Path.cwd()
>> * bytes() / lines() / text() -> read_file_{bytes,lines,text} methods
>> * write_{bytes,lines,text} -> write_file_{bytes,lines,text} methods
> Under Linux isn't it possible to open and read from directories much
> as with files?

The OS doesn't matter - python won't let you open a directory as a
file, even if the underlying OS will. The comment in
Objects/fileobject.c is:

/* On Unix, fopen will succeed for directories.
   In Python, there should be no file objects referring to
   directories, so we need a check.  */

I think - but I'm not positive, and don't have a Linux box handy to
check on - that this comment is false if your Unix is really Linux.

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