Michael Hoffman cam.ac.uk at mh391.invalid
Sun Jul 24 17:11:24 CEST 2005

Keith P. Boruff wrote:
> Michael Hoffman wrote:
>> Keith P. Boruff wrote:
>>> Is there an FAQ available specific to this NG as I'm sure some of the 
>>> list slicing questions I have have been asked before.
>> Try Google for <python FAQ>. 
> I tried and didn't find one. That's why I asked here.

When I Google for <Python FAQ>, almost all of the search results on the 
first page are Python FAQs. The third link even has a "newsgroup" FAQ 
although I doubt it is what you want, even though you said otherwise.

Therefore I asked a question on why you want a *newsgroup* FAQ when it 
sounds like you want a *Python* FAQ, so that I and others could 
potentially be more helpful in answering your unasked question.

>> I don't know why you would want to look in a FAQ *specific* to a 
>> newsgroup to look up slicing questions, 
> I have a specific question about list slicing and this is a python NG. 
> What's not to understand?

I can't understand why you think your list slicing problem is specific 
to the newsgroup and not to Python.

> Is your attitude indicitive of most people on this NG or are you just 
> one of those NG guys who gets off on making the new people feel stupid? 
> If it's the former, I'll just go away.

If that's the way you respond to people who are trying to help you, 
please do so.
Michael Hoffman

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