Run batch files in Windows XP

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jul 25 20:52:54 CEST 2005

erniedude at wrote:
> I'm a newbie and I was wondering if anyone knew a (Python) script to
> run 4 batch files, one after the other (assuming the directories are
> known).  It would be better if all 4 batch files could run
> simultaneously, but that might break Windows...  ;)  The problem I had
> was I couldn't get the files to RUN, only to OPEN.  Thanks for the
> help!!!

You shouldn't need a Python program for that.

To run the not simultaneously:

call batch1.bat
call batch2.bat
call batch3.bat
call batch4.bat

Put those commands with appropriate names in a fifth batch file and 
execute that and it will work.

To run them simultaneously (which won't break Windows, but might not do 
what you would like, depending on what those batch files actually do), 
just add the "start" command into the equation.  You can get help on the 
start command using "start /?" at a DOS prompt.


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