python certification

Kay Schluehr kay.schluehr at
Wed Jul 20 17:04:14 CEST 2005

lordverminard at schrieb:
> hi
> i bassically need it cuz i am appyling to colleges this year and
> i know this kind of stuff really helps.
> besides since i am learning python i thought i might get some credit
> for it as well.
> its bassically for a mention in my resume/bio-data/appliccation
> i am willing to spend about $50-100 but any more is out of my bugdet.
> even $50 is hard on me.
> i did find this great site that would  let me give a perl exam in $9.99
> but they don't have python.

Before you spend some of your few money for an obscure certification
without any authority you should feel certain that you need Python at
your college. Better you participate in an open source project for fun
and gathering some experience if it's not too hard for you to access a
computer. Of course I don't know your supervisors and I'm not sure
whether they are more impressed about people learning the Python
tutorial, than about people using it to write real world applications.


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