2-player game, client and server at localhost

Michael Rybak accepted at ukr.net
Sat Jul 30 18:36:52 CEST 2005

hi, everyone.

I'm writing a 2-players game that should support network mode. I'm now
testing  it  on 1 PC since I don't have 2. I directly use sockets, and
both  client  and  server do computations, the only data transfered is
user mouse/kbd input.

It  works  synchronously,  but  somehow, when I play in client window,
both  client  and  server  have  17  fps, while when playing in server
window,  server  has  44  fps  while  client  has 5, and due to forced
synchronization,  they  both run very slowly (I wonder how come server
says  it  has  44fps?).

Does  anybody have an idea how can this be? Not that users will test 2
game  intances communicating via localhost, but I need to make it work

Best Regards,
 Michael Rybak                       mailto:accepted at ukr.net

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