Larry Bates lbates at syscononline.com
Fri Jul 29 21:16:54 CEST 2005

I can say with some certainty that opening a "music file" with open
won't launch media player.  If rather, you do os.system('musicfile.mp3')
it will launch whatever application is associated with the file type
.mp3.  You can either automate Windows Media player or use pymedia
to play such files.

Here are some links that might be of interest:



Larry Bates

Jay wrote:
> Well, im not no expert on the python programming language but i just
> wanted to know if there was a quick way to hide certain things when
> programming in python. Such as, i wanted some music or sound effects
> with my python program. So, i type...
> print "Music is by blah blah"
> music-file = open(file containing the music"
> hide(music-file)
> thats wat im looking for, something i can hide the opening of files
> because if i open that file, Windows Media Player will open and i would
> like to hide that. And advise????

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