PyGTK or wxPython (not a flame war) on Windows

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jul 25 17:27:21 CEST 2005

Torsten Bronger wrote:
> Marek Kubica <pythonmailing at> writes:
>>I have started GUIs in Python with wx, but after a short time I
>>was annoyed how many things were buggy. I don't know why, but I
>>fell from one bug to the other while programming one application.
> I'm very suprised.  wxPython is still that buggy?  

Not really.  One can go many months, or years, without encountering a 
bug in a wxPython program which is not actually a bug in one's own code.

Use of "unstable" (i.e. new and/or rapidly changing) parts of the 
framework are a different story.  As with most Open Source projects, 
such code is in flux and one uses it at one's own risk (reporting, I 
hope, bugs that are encountered so that they can be fixed).


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