Having trouble importing against PP2E files

Elmo Mäntynen elmo13 at jippii.fi
Fri Jul 8 21:43:55 CEST 2005

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Charles Krug wrote:
> List:
> I'm trying to use the example files from Programming Python, 2nd Ed.
> I've copied them into c:\Python24\Examples\PP2E.
> Launching any of the examples programs by themselves seems to work
> spiffily.
> Using regedit, I appended "c:\Python24\Examples\PP2E" to Pythonpath
> from the immediate window, executing the line:
> from PP2E.launchmodes import PortableLauncher
> Raises the exception:
> Import Error: no module named PP2E.launchmodes
> However if I copy launchmodes.py into my work directory, it imports
> successfully.
> Both "Examples" above and "Examples\PP2E" contain the __init__.py file.
Are both Examples and PP2E packages? In python if a folder is meant to
represent a package it should iclude the above mentioned file
__init__.py and by saying the above your suggesting that PP2E is a
package inside the package Examples.
> Obviously, I'm missing a setup step here.
> What magic do I need to perform to get Python to find modules in the
> Examples heirarchy?
> Is there any way to check from the immediate window where Python will
> search for modules?  Pythonpath appears to be correct, but the file
> isn't importing unless I copy it to the current directory.
> Thanx
> Charles
If the above is correct, you should append the pythonpath with
c:\Python24\ and refer to the wanted .py with Examples.PP2E.launchmodes.
As such the import statement obviously should be "from
Examples.PP2E.launchmodes import PortableLauncher". If the above isn't
the case and there is still something unclear about this, reply with a
more detailed post about the situation.

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