Iterators from urllib2

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Fri Jul 22 19:41:47 CEST 2005

Joshua Ginsberg wrote:

>  >>> dir(ifs)
> ['__doc__', '__init__', '__iter__', '__module__', '__repr__', 'close',  
> 'fileno', 'fp', 'geturl', 'headers', 'info', 'next', 'read',  
> 'readline', 'readlines', 'url']
> Yep. But what about in my code? I modify my code to print dir(ifs)  
> before creating the DictReader...
> ['__doc__', '__init__', '__module__', '__repr__', 'close', 'fp',  
> 'geturl', 'headers', 'info', 'read', 'readline', 'url']
> Whoa! Where did the __iter__, readlines, and next attributes
> go? Ideas?

That difference comes from this code in

class addbase:
    """Base class for addinfo and addclosehook."""

    def __init__(self, fp):
        self.fp = fp =
        self.readline = self.fp.readline
        if hasattr(self.fp, "readlines"): self.readlines = self.fp.readlines
        if hasattr(self.fp, "fileno"): self.fileno = self.fp.fileno
        if hasattr(self.fp, "__iter__"):
            self.__iter__ = self.fp.__iter__
            if hasattr(self.fp, "next"):

It looks like the fp for your latter code
doesn't have the additional properties.  Try
adding the following debug code to figure out
what's up

print dir(ifs)
print "fp=", ifs.fp
print "dir(fp)", dir(ifs.fp)

Odds are you'll get different results.

				dalke at

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