references/addrresses in imperative languages

SM Ryan wyrmwif at
Tue Jun 21 06:25:27 CEST 2005

"Kaz Kylheku" <kkylheku at> wrote:
# SM Ryan wrote:
# > # easy way to see this, is to ask yourself: how come in mathematics
# > # there's no such thing as "addresses/pointers/references".
# >
# > The whole point of Goedelisation was to add to name/value references into
# > number theory.
# Is that so? That implies that there is some table where you can
# associate names (or whatever type of locators: call them pointers,
# whatever) with arbitrary values. But in fact that's not the case.

Do you really believe the Goedel number of a statement is the statement
itself? Is everything named Kaz the same as you?

SM Ryan
So....that would make Bethany part black?

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