looking for beginner projects to help out with

Brown, Alysia abrown at CSREES.USDA.GOV
Tue Jun 21 19:23:39 CEST 2005

I'm new to the list. I work for a US Gov't agency & have been learning
Python. I've been doing web development work for some years now & got
involved with Python/Zope/Plone last fall. I've had formal Zope/Plone
training. I've also been working my way through Deitel's "Python How to
Program" book. I learned Java a couple of years ago so Python hasn't
been too hard for me to learn. 


I am looking for some volunteer projects to work on for someone with
beginner level skills in order to sharpen my Python programming skills.
If anyone has any projects I could help out with, please let me know. 




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