Python Developers Handbook

wooks wookiz at
Fri Jun 10 13:52:12 CEST 2005

beliavsky at wrote:
> wooks wrote:
> > I thought that posting a link that contained the word ebay and a
> > subject title of Python Developers Handbook conveyed all the relevant
> > information and didn't want to patronise the NG.
> >
> > I have had 110 hits on the item but seem to have upset 3 people.
> This statement shows a misunderstanding of Usenet. Maybe the majority
> of comp.lang.python readers agree with Terry Reedy but did not want to
> clog the newsgroup with ditto messages.

Your understanding of Usenet is that a post has to "appeal" (for the
want of a better word) to the majority of the NG readership.

Look over a hundred people took a look (and the hits are steadily
going up whether despite or because of this thread). I am not going to
posit either way as to whether that amounts to vindication  but it does
suggsest that I have not comitted the heinous crime against netiquette
that some people are making out.

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