ANN: pkpgcounter v1.50 is out

Jerome Alet alet at
Fri Jun 17 03:22:01 EDT 2005

Hi there,                                                                       
I'm very pleased to announce the immediate availability of                      
pkpgcounter v1.50                                                               
pkpgcounter is a 100% Python generic Page Description Language                  
parser which can count the number of pages in documents.                        
pkpgcounter currently recognizes the following PDLs :                           
        - PostScript (DSC compliant and binary)                                 
        - PDF                                                                   
        - PCLXL (aka PCL6)                                                      
        - PCL3/4/5                                                              
        - ESC/P2                                                                
pkpgcounter is distributed under the terms of the GNU General                   
Public License of the Free Software Foundation, and can be                      
downloaded freely from :                                                        
summary of changes :                                                            
  - big modifications to the code to split the utility into a command           
    line tool and a Python library.                                             
  - several improvements to the PDL parsers.                                    
  - the --debug command line option demonstrate the beginning of                
    what will be available in the future.                                       
if any of you have the specifications of other Page Description Languages       
that you'd like to see recognized by pkpgcounter, please let me know.           
comments and contributions are more than welcome.                               
thank you for reading                                                           
Jerome Alet

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