How to change deafult tab traversing (radiobuttons & panel)

Mudcat mnations at
Tue Jun 7 00:57:27 CEST 2005

I just figured this out myself, but probably not the way you're asking.
There are supposed to be ways to change the tab order using
tk_focusNext() and tk_focusPrevious(), but I've never used it.

What I've done is simply point one widget to the next one, basically
creating a linked list of tabs. I only had a couple that I wanted to
change the order of, so this was pretty easy to change.

I bound the widgets I wanted changed to <tab> and had a function that
knew where to go. Here's a simple example:

    def tab(self, event):

        return 'break'

The return 'break' is very important, because if you don't include it
then the default tab functionality of window will be used which will
override whatever changes you make.

I had problems using the tk_focusNext() and tk_focusPrevious() commands
because the two widgets that were supposed to be next to each other in
order were in different windows. I kept getting errors when I tried it.

And since I only had two widgets I created two different functions to
handle the tabs. But if I had more than two I would have created a
forwarding table based on widget names or ids using the event that is
returned in the callback from the binding. Based on the event id
returned I would know where to set focuse next.

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