separate IE instances?

Chris Curvey ccurvey at
Wed Jun 8 02:48:57 CEST 2005

thanks for all the help.  I'll give the ShellExecute() approach a try
in the morning.

The short version of what I'm trying to do is....

Have my website login to a 3rd party website on behalf of my customer,
fill out a form, and submit it.  I'm just using CGI to keep things
simple, but overlapping requests from different customers are the
problem.  The 3rd party site uses a lot of javascript, so mechanize
isn't going to work.  I could use some kind of locking mechanism and
"single-thread" access to IE, but that won't scale.   I guess the next
approach would be to queue the requests and have a pool of worker
processes (running as different users) process the requests and report

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