Database recommendations for Windows app

Magnus Lycka lycka at
Thu Jun 23 16:12:19 CEST 2005

Thomas Bartkus wrote:
> "Magnus Lycka" <lycka at> wrote in message
>   > The O.P. wanted a database for his
>   > Python app, and Thomas Bartkus suggested Access.
> Not exactly!

Sorty, I meant Jet or whatever the backend is called these days.

> I suggested the built in Microsoft DAO or ADO database libraries which he
> could use without need to distribute with his app.  The Access application
> is simply another client app that sits on top of DAO/ADO and would be quite
> unnecessary here.  Any Python/DB application you wished to distribute for MS
> Windows would do best talk to the ADO library directly - end of distribution
> problems.

If we start with vanilla Python, we need just the tiny PySqlite module
and DB-API compliant Python code to get a SQLite solution to work. One
small 3rd party module which is trivial to bundle. There is no way you
can access ADO with less 3rd party stuff bundled than that. The minimum
is to bundle win32all or ctypes, but then you need to work much harder.
You probably want a 3rd party python ADO library as well. Then it's
much more stuff to bundle.

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