Modules for inclusion in standard library?

Thomas Heller theller at
Wed Jun 29 12:32:04 CEST 2005

Simon Brunning <simon.brunning at> writes:

> On 6/28/05, John Roth <newsgroups at> wrote:
>> I'd definitely like to see ctypes. I can agree with the segfault
>> issue, but I think that some design work would eliminate that.
> I'm not sure that it would. Ctypes allows you, as one colleague
> memorably put it, to "poke the operating system with a stick". You are
> always going to be able to use ctypes to provoke spectacular crashes
> of the kind that you can never get with 'ordinary' Python.


> Having said that, I'd like to see ctypes in the standard library
> anyway, with a suitably intimidating warning in the docs about the
> trouble you can get yourself into with it.

To me, this sounds that *at least* a PEP would be needed to convince
Guido.  Or, to record the reasoning why it cannot be included.


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