Python 2.4 and BLT

Lyddall's lyddall at
Thu Jun 2 22:32:55 CEST 2005


I am new to this list, but wondered if anyone could help me.  I have had 
Python set up with PMW and BLT on two machines previous to my current 
laptop, but I can't seem to get them all to work together on this 
machine.  It may be the version of python (2.4, with TCL 8.4) that I have 
installed since I had older version on the other machines.

Anyway - can anyone give me suggestions of how to get BLT to 
work?  (versions: python 2.4, Tcl 8.4, BLT 2.4)   I have run the BLT 
installer, copied the dlls into the tcl/bin directory and added that 
directory to my path.  Still the demos don't recognize BLT as being installed.

Alternatively - what would be the best graphics extension to learn in place 
of BLT if, as it seems, BLT is not supported by anyone any longer.

thank you,

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