Learning more about "The Python Way"

George Sakkis gsakkis at rutgers.edu
Mon Jun 13 03:10:05 CEST 2005

"Kalle Anke" wrote:

> [snipped]
> So, I'm looking for advice/information on:
> + How to write "proper" python code instead of
>   Java/Perl/C/C++/Pascal/Modula-2/etc inspired code
> + The more advanced parts/uses of Python
> + Discussions about the ideas behind different Python
>   constructs

For all these, do yourself a favor and buy/borrow/steal a copy of the
python cookbook, 2nd edition. You'll get over 300 recipes, ranging from
simple one-liners to full working programs, packed with pythonic idioms
and extensive discussion for every single recipe.

> + What's going to happen with v3

Google is your friend; search for "python 3000" (interestingly,
searching for "python 3" returns something completely different :-)).


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