What is different with Python ?

Andrea Griffini agriff at tin.it
Wed Jun 15 13:42:59 CEST 2005

On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 10:27:19 +0100, James <spiralx at gmail.com> wrote:

>If you're thinking of things like superstrings, loop quantum gravity
>and other "theories of everything" then your friend has gotten
>confused somewhere.

More likely I was the one that didn't understand. Reading
what wikipedia tells about it i understood better what is
the situation. From a philosophical point of view I think
however looks like there is indeed a problem. Is just a
theorical - but infeasible - experiment for confutation
sufficient ?

I think I triggered my friend telling him that I found on
the web a discussion about a certain book of theorical
physics was considered just a joke made up by piling
physics buzzwords by some, and a real theory by others.
Finding that even this was a non-obvious problem amused
me, and he told me that advanced physics now has this kind
of problems with current theories that are so complex
and so impossible to check that it's even questionable
they're not breaking logic and the scientific method
and are instead a question of faith and opinions.


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