Newbie: Help Figger Out My Problem

Paul Rubin http
Tue Jun 28 09:29:43 CEST 2005

ChuckDubya at writes:
> When I save and run this "program", I get a DOS window that flashes at
> me and disappears.  What's wrong with it?

You can't just click the icon and expect a program like that
to do something reasonable.  There are two ways to deal with it:

1) start a DOS box and run the program from the command line.  Just
type "" to the C:> prompt (or whatever your .py file is
called) and it will run in the dos box.  Of course you have to be
in the directory where the .py file is.

2) run IDLE, the integrated Python environment that you probably have
installd.  Select it from the programs menu.  Go to fhe file pulldown
and open your .py file (you may have to browse around for it).  Then
hit "F5" and IDLE will pop another window that shows you the output.

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