[python-gtk] problem with multiple inheritance

Taki Jeden bartekgorny at interia.pl
Fri Jun 3 10:56:48 CEST 2005

Greg Ewing wrote:

> Taki Jeden wrote:
>> class view_tree_model(gtk.GenericTreeModel,gtk.TreeSortable):
>> raises a "TypeError: multiple bases have instance lay-out conflict"
>> Is this a bug in gtk, or python-gtk, or something?
> It's not a bug, it's a limitation of the way Python
> handles inheritance from built-in types. You can only
> inherit from more than one built-in type if they have
> compatible C structures, and it appears that the two
> you're trying to inherit from aren't compatible.
> You'll have to think of some way of doing whatever
> you're trying to do without inheriting from multiple
> gtk types.

Ok, but the code isn't mine - it is tinyERP (tinyerp.org). And people are
running it, that's why I assume the problem is not in the code.


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