Start application & continue after app exits

Renato Ramonda renato.ramonda at
Fri Jun 10 00:47:32 CEST 2005

guy lateur ha scritto:

> I see what you mean, but wouldn't a call to open(fn, 'w') on a filename 
> that's in use (for reading or writing) result in an error condition or 
> something? I'm a noob, btw.

Uh... no, not on linux.
Try this:

$ touch foo.txt

$ gedit foo.txt & (write something in it and save, but do not close gedit)

$ gvim foo.txt   (write something else in it and save, but do not close 

$ rm foo.txt

All this without having "the file is in use" errors, because well... 
only windows has those :-)

Oh, and btw: you'll notice that gVim is smart enough to notice that the 
file is no longer there, or that it is there but is more recent than his 
working copy (if you re-edited with gedit, for example).

Usi Fedora? Fai un salto da noi:

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