Where is Word?

Guy Lateur guy.lateur at b-b.be
Tue Jun 14 15:16:22 CEST 2005

My original post is called "Start application & continue after app exits". 
Is there a better way to refer to past posts, btw?

I want to make a temporary file (directory listing), open it in Word to let 
the user edit, layout and print it, and then delete the temp file 
afterwards. I don't think we'll be able to fully automate it, though. The 
user should be able to set her own fonts and stuff.


"Peter Hansen" <peter at engcorp.com> schreef in bericht 
news:zN2dnfBicPQhUTPfRVn-iQ at powergate.ca...
> Guy Lateur wrote:
>> I need a way to get the path where MS Word/Office has been installed. I 
>> need to start Word from a script (see earlier post),
> (Asking us to refer to some earlier post that may or may not even be 
> available on our news servers isn't the best way to get us the info.  A 
> sentence or two summarizing would work best, I think.)
> Can you describe what the user is going to do after Word pops open with 
> this file in it?  Maybe there are simpler ways to do what you are trying 
> to accomplish, aside from the specific issue of how to open Word itself.
> For example, maybe the work you plan to have the user accomplish can be 
> done automatically by controlling Word with COM.
> -Peter 

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