Boss wants me to program

xeys_00 at xeys_00 at
Tue Jun 28 15:57:36 EDT 2005

Ok, sorry to throw perhaps unrelated stuff in here, but I want everyone
to know what we have right now in the office. We started with an
electric typewriter and file cabinets. We were given an old 386 with a
20 mb hard drive about 5 years ago, and we moved everything over to a
very very old version of msworks on msdos 6. Depending on what we are
given(for reasons best left alone, I won't explain why we can't
actually COUNT on the actual buying of a new system), we will be left
with this relic, or be given a 486. Maybe a old pentium 90 or so. I may
try to convince the boss that I can write dos programs for the existing
machine. If we get any kind of upgrade, I'm sure it will be able to run
linux with X and a low overhead window manager. If that happened, I'd
be able to use python and this "tk" thing you have talked about and
make something that will work for him, am I correct? The other
alternative is to install console mode linux on it and hope that the
ncurses library can be used by python. The system could be as low as a
486 dx2 66 with maybe 16 megs of ram. Well, I just thought I'd give you
people more info on the situation.


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