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# > You mean the "wimp gui builder + db -> ui pipeline" model ? If yes, C
# > doesn't have it, C++ doesn't have it (in fact most languages doesn't
# > have it) - and ....
#     > .... the fact is that C and C++ are usually considered as much
#     > more "serious and professionnal" than VB and the likes.
# Yes but there is another fact that must be considered.
# Systems like VB (and the likes) are much more *productive* .
# The secret of that particular success has nothing to do with the language
# and everything to do with the integrated GUI / IDE available to that
# particular (VB) language.

That's pretty arguable. C/C++ has no shortage of integrated GUI/IDE 
available especially if your willing to fork out the same kind of books 
that you would need to for VB.

# Anything that reduces the overhead involved in producing a
# consistent/attractive/idiot proof  user interface makes a far more
# productive environment.
# Thomas Bartkus

My 2 cents, I'm much more productive with Python and QT Builder as I 
am with VB and those aren't nearly as intergrated as VB's GUI/IDE. A 
language's productivity, I believe, rests on how high or low-level the 
language and its libraries are. Not just that though, productivity is 
also very much affected by the breadth of the libraries available.

Sure, GUI RAD solutions increase development in a very real way, but you 
can find an offering for just about every language out there these days.

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