Want to learn a language - is Python right?

Aziz McTang AzizMcTang at gmail.com
Mon Jun 20 12:49:06 CEST 2005

Hi Group,

I am not an experienced programmer at all. I've learned html and css
well enough to hand-write simple websites. I'm now looking to move to
the next step. Initially, I'd like to do 3 things:

1) Generate web pages
This one's fairly obvious maybe.

2) Create a simplified translation package specific to my line of work:
The principle: French vocabulary is found in spreadsheet column A,
English equivalents in column B. The program selects the content of A1,
"bonjour", searches through the usually Word or Powerpoint document
and replaces all examples by "hi", then moves on to A2, etc.,
looping till the end, when I come back and start to work.

3) Help me learn Estonian.
I wrote a couple of rules in Excel. The idea was to create a
self-completion quiz where I must type the exact form of the word
(Estonian is a declension language like Latin, but with 14 cases
instead of 6) in the corresponding box.
If I get it right, I get a Y, if I get it wrong, I get an N.
If I can't remember, I type *, ** or *** to get the first to third
If that doesn't help, I type ? and get the entire answer.
The table below gives an approximate picture. The Ans. on the right
should be invisible.

Word	Case1	Case2	Case3	CaseN	Yes/No	Clue	Ans.1	Ans.2	Ans.3	Ans.N
River	jõgi	jõe	jõge	jõgesid	Y		jõgi	jõe	jõge	jõgesid
Cabbage	kapsas	kapsa	**	kapsaid		ka	kapsas	kapsa	kapsast	kapsaid
Shirt	?					särk	särk	särgi	särki	särke
Bread	leiv				N		leib	leiva	leiba	leibu

I'm looking for ways of developing the method, making it easier to
use, record right and wrong answers, and randomly re-present
troublesome words.

Is Python the sort of language that will let me do this sort of thing
(whether *I* can actually do it is another question :) )?

Best regards,


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