COM problem .py versus .exe

Tim Golden tim.golden at
Wed Jun 29 14:30:47 CEST 2005

[Greg Miller]
| I put you code snippet into my code, running it from the desktop PC
| gave me the following output ( I added a print statement ):
| . . . winmgmts:
| TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT i.Caption is  \\rocps00101\ROCPR001
| TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT i.Caption is  \\rocps00101\ROCPR143
| so that appears to work great, I took out the for i in
| c.Win32_Printer.... statement, built the executable, but still get the
| exact same error on the embedded PC.  

| It errors as soon as the import wmib call is made, so it never gets to:
|  wmi._DEBUG = 1
| moniker = "winmgmts:"

Curious. Within the import, there is one call to GetObject ("winmgmts:")
(line 157, if you're interested) to provide the constants (courtesy of 
some code by Thomas H). I can only assume that it's that which is failing. 
Which, in itself, suggests that for some reason WMI is available on the 
target machine.

| I will check around to
| see if the win32 calls you were referring to made it into the pywin32
| package.  

The example in my later post definitely works against pywin32 build 204.


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